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Telecommunication Expense Management and Bill Reporting Services
Providing all aspects of telecommunication auditing, management and reporting systems and services

Telecommunication Expense Management

Fastlane Software is pleased to present the 'BillView' solution to Telecoms management. The BillView solution is a combination of specialist bill interrogation software and industry expertise focused on providing the highest standards in Bill Reporting and analytic consultancy.

Billview Reporting

Is a comprehensive online telecommunication asset management and bill reporting service that enables large organisations to manage all aspects of their telecommunications inventory, usage and expenditure - easily, efficiently and effectively.

BillView telecommunication reporting provides multi-carrier integrated billing information in a single source web based facility. Carrier bills are effectively recompiled into a personalised, interactive and customer specific format. View More »


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BillView Analysis

Is a consultancy service for conducting telecommunciation audits, tender response pricing or contract validation analysis. View More »

Telecommunication Management Will Save You Money

The costs involved in maintaining, managing and using a telecommunication network are often only associated with the direct costs incurred for the services, equipment and usage that appear on the carriers monthly invoice. Incorporated into these charges however are usually:

  • services that don't belong to your organisation;
  • services being used inappropriately;
  • unused services attracting recurring charges;
  • incorrect tariffs, charges or discounts.

In addition to these direct charges, there are also indirect costs associated with auditing, validating and processing each telecommunication account. In many cases telecommunication accounts are so unwieldy and complicated that they are not checked at all.

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BillView provides the prudent manager with the tools and expertise to minimise costs and effectively manage their telecommunications network.

Carrier Analysis

Producing telecommunication reporting and analysis on all major and minor Australian service providers and even a few Internaional ones.


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Darryl Treasure, Group CIO of HBF Health Insurance talks about BillView More »


BillView has added value and found savings across a broad spectrum of industries:

  • Mining and Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Transport
  • Oil and Gas
  • Insurance
  • Utility provision
  • State Government
  • Federal Government

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